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Major Investor Event Invitation Design

Every year, ABoR TREPAC honor’s Major Investors with an appreciation event. The goal is to create fancy invitations, with the end result of bringing in more individuals who are interested in donating to the PAC. My goal was to make it not only fancy, but interesting.  I decided to create a design with 4 folds that open up into one large size print with all of the imperative information designated to one side.

The paper quality was a very important consideration for this project, so I chose a paper with a shimmer and good weight. The details are always vital to the experience.




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goMLS Branding


goMLS Austin is an app powered by CoreLogic for Agents as well as clients. It is an on-the-go app that populates house prices on a map in your location. The Austin Board of REALTORS® offer this as a member benefit. I was tasked with creating the branding for the app icon, logo, and marketing material. Since this is part of ABoR, it needed to appear as that they were similar. I decided to use the corner of the ABoR logo with the same font. The corner is now an arrow showing movement and an action (“go”).

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UI/UX Design

Redesigning a website can be an overwhelming task.  However, these are the challenges that kick the analytical side of my brain into overdrive.  This is where I thrive.

In 2015, I Led the UX redesign of the ABoR website and print media. I Designed the entire suite of forms, layouts, and various internal applications. I implemented HTML & CSS for email campaigns, as well as various website components, assisted with the 2015 brand refresh, and mentored the junior designers.

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Event Branding

Every year, ABoR changes the president to the Board of Directors at the annual Installation. I have made many promotional items including the invitations, digital ads, print ads, PowerPoint templates, event signs, event programs, and other marketing material.


The most fun part of the project was the invitation and the program because I choose to use an elegant textured black paper with metallic gold ink. The inside of the program highlighted the event details printed with gold ink on a 60 lb. white soft paper. The completed piece was a wonderful keepsake for the award winners, as well as the guests.

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Print Layout Design

I am well versed in designing print layouts for magazine, brochures, and other multi-paged documents from cover to cover. I’ve designed over 30 complete magazines, 6 course catalogs, 8 media kits, and 2 annual reports. Here are a few examples of the publications I’ve worked on.

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Paper Farm Co. Branding

Garden in a Box

Paper Farm Co. is a great company that delivers the equivalent of a garden in a box. They place varieties of different seeds in paper strips, creating a fool proof garden that can be used by virtually anyone.  To create this logo, I had hand drawn the beet, and incorporated it into Illustrator with the pin tool. This logo represents the organic nature of gardens with the textured appearance of the beet while bringing elegance with the script font.

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Real-time Statistic Dashboard

The statistic dashboard shows real-time stats to REALTORS®. The stats on the right show the number value and the bar graph to the right shows the comparison of each stat side-by-side. I used a color coding system to show which number value on the left coordinates with the bar on the right. The half pie chart on the bottom left represents real-time stats. I made the graphic colors flip depending on where the value is on the chart to make it more appealing and eye-catching.

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Branding and Apparel Design

Arc Yoga is an athletic apparel company that makes unique printed yoga pants.
My role:
UX and graphic Designer

My process:

The highlighted t-shirt “Om Gangster” is an example of my work.  I hand drew the graphic and incorporated the design into Illustrator where I traced it with the pin tool and turned it into a vector file. When I’m not drawing the design out by hand I go directly into Illustrator and create the designs directly with the program.